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There was just one little problem; he cancelled almost every date at the last minute. I really liked this guy, but could feel myself slipping back into my old pattern of bottling things up, so I gave myself a pep talk and wrote him an assertive but friendly text to tell him how I felt. But needing closure on the situation, I proceeded to survey a large pool of anyone with a penis to get some male perspective on the situation. I felt chuffed with my literary works of art that my girlfriends helped me co-author after many drafts back and forth in our group chat.

And arguably a non-existent life form. The advice I was given was exactly that: Being calm and carefree was attractive, yet stating how I felt — even though it was assertive — was a bonafide turn-off.

Why You Should Date The Assertive Girl

It made me think back to past relationships, and how in some I could so easily express how I felt, while in others, the simple mention of any emotion started a fight that left me feeling like I needed to walk on eggshells. Neediness can also have a lot to do with the other person and their ability to take responsibility of their actions in a relationship.

I believe you can openly discuss the important stuff in any relationship without being needy. But I think the key difference between being assertive and being needy is self-confidence and knowing your self-worth.

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She is the assertive girl. You will never have to wonder what she is thinking. The assertive girl will tell you exactly where you stand and why. If she is interested in a future with you, she will be the first to tell you. We will tell you what we expect from you and and we want to know what it is that you expect from us.

How to Be Assertive in Dating | Our Everyday Life

Her future is what she makes of it and she knows this. An assertive girl sees her goals and goes full force toward achieving them.

Assert Your Preferences

Most would describe her as an attentive and vibrant person which will in return motivate you to keep up. You should always be with somebody who makes you strive to better yourself. Her life is just that, her life. She has always been the person she relies on the most. She is strong, realistic and pays her own bills.

5. Be Assertive, Not Aggressive

With or without you, she is a fully functioning adult. She will have had a full support system before you ever walked into the picture and she will continue to have it if you were to leave. Everybody loves being appreciated and assertive girl are no different.

The only opinion of us that matters is our own. We are confident and happy and will never settle to be anything other than that.

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The assertive girl knows her strengths and weaknesses and is always trying to improve herself. She will never change who she is to make another person happy.

Dating the assertive girl will not always be easy but it will always be worth it.

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