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Abrams, over the fate of Star Wars: Who will win in this epic showdown between Star Wars and Star Trek?

Tom Cavanagh

The Smiling Man A. Briones, 7 mins A little girl home alone finds herself face-to-face with pure evil. Heroes of the Realm Kyle Roberts, 9 mins In a world where magic reigns, one tyrant was the undisputed ruler.

Goblin Queen Reed Shusterman, 12 mins An overbearing mother struggles to parent her daughter—who keeps disappearing to rule a magical land. But when a dangerous creature follows her home, she must confront the reality of who her daughter has become. Starring Stacey Moseley, Amy Letcher. Settling this conflict could mean a turn to the dark side. Brainless Killers Ren Thackham, 18 mins Two journalists venture into the zombie inhabited town of Zombridge, a functioning town within the wider community of Australia, to interview the mayor.

Fan Expo Canada to turn Toronto upside down with ultimate programming lineup

They find a story more worthy of telling but have to get out alive first. The Evil Queen, Goddess of the Moon, has captured Princess Kyoko — a devout follower and one of the last in the realm pure enough to hold counsel with the Sun Goddess. Without her, defeat is inevitable. Amulet of Urlon Eric Stafford , 5 mins A relic hunter finds himself en route to a desolate planet in search of an amulet rumored to hold the power of an ancient force user.

Largent , 7 mins Stalled Fleet history turned hysterical.

Fan Expo Canada 2016

Fan films are looking more and more professional …and not everyone is happy with that. Who is this boy? A Toy Story Raymond Montemayor, 5 mins A Star Wars fanatic decides to sell his toy collection to keep his overbearing girlfriend happy and salvage their relationship.

Nikola Tesla and the End of the World Ian Strang , 5 mins When physicist Sophie Clarke builds a strange machine from long-lost scientific plans she unwittingly transports Nikola Tesla to modern day London. Unfortunately Tesla brings another historical figure along with him: The Great Indoors Web Series Dean Donofrio, 12 mins A new comedy digital series about a geeky group of board gamers who embrace the joys of childhood while neglecting their inner grownup. Gruff, yet lovable, Max is happy to run his small, business the way he sees fit, even into the ground.

Dark Specter Bruce Nachsin, 6 mins A villain must confront his greatest challenge.

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Together — Parallel Universe Michael Robertson , 4 mins This is a short film about the age old story of love. Our protagonist will go to any lengths to be with his love, even if it means building a space ship in his garage and traveling to different universes to find it. No Hero Now Jennie Kong, 6 mins Rian is set on a quest for vengeance when someone murders her old band of assassins.

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Anime movie and television showings, Cosplay construction lessons, voice actors probably reading really weird stuff in highly entertaining voices, Youtubers, drawing for comics as opposed to animation … You get the idea. Are you not entertained?

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fan expo speed dating dallas Fan expo speed dating dallas
fan expo speed dating dallas Fan expo speed dating dallas
fan expo speed dating dallas Fan expo speed dating dallas
fan expo speed dating dallas Fan expo speed dating dallas
fan expo speed dating dallas Fan expo speed dating dallas
fan expo speed dating dallas Fan expo speed dating dallas
fan expo speed dating dallas Fan expo speed dating dallas

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