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All monetary figures refer to the Gross Transactional Value GTV and represent what consumers are paying for these services. The user metric shows the number of active customers or accounts of the market for each year. We are showing paying- and non-paying users in this market.

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In your browser settings you can configure or disable this, respectively, and can delete any already placed cookies. Please see our privacy statement for details about how we use data. Market directory Market Dating Services. Location India.

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Dating Services India Core country: data based on in-depth analysis. Market definition. Reports special. Revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate CAGR of 8. Casual Dating Online Dating Matchmaking. The eServices market segment Dating Services contains the user and revenue development of three service categories: 1 Matchmaking, 2 Online Dating and 3 Casual Dating.

Dating Services are generally characterized by their search functionality which enables its users to establish interpersonal relationships via the internet. This includes the focused search for life partners, flirts or sexual partners. Both dating portals and apps are incorporated into the examination. The Matchmaking market segment contains dating services for the systematic search for partners who are willing to enter into a long-term committed relationship by means of mathematical algorithms.

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The market segment of Online Dating is made up of online services that offer a platform on which its members can flirt, chat or fall in love. Two examples are Tinder and Bumble, these platforms focus on casual contacting and easy flirting among its members. Casual Dating comprises online services for the establishment of sexually oriented contacts outside of romantic relationships. Offline dating agencies or online purchased tickets for speed dating or similar events are not included.

Revenue Users Quick navigation. Dating Services. Revenue Revenue Growth. A definition and detailed explanation of the displayed markets can be found here. Users Penetration Rate in the Dating Services market in millions in percent. Users Penetration Rate. Analyst Opinion Things have become quiet in recent years in once so turbulent Dating Services market with its numerous start-ups.

Users by age Users by gender Users by income in the Dating Services market in percent in percent in percent. Users by age Users by gender Users by income. Info Users by age: The Users by age box shows the age distribution of users of the selected market market segment, region in age groups. Users by gender: The Users by gender box shows the gender distribution of users of the selected market market segment, region.

Users by income: The Users by income box shows the income distribution of users of the selected market market segment, region in tertiles. XLS Download.

Key Market Indicators. Broadband subscriptions per capita. Internet users in m. Hardware market. Neha, a techie with 14 years of experience as a tech lead for global organisations such as Oracle, Goldman Sachs, and Software AG, serves as the technical backbone of the platform. And Meet, an Electrical Engineer from IIT Delhi, with six years of investment banking experience in London, looks after the business side of the service. Together, the duo is using innovation to help a generation, who much like them, have struggled when it comes to finding their significant other SO.

And this led to the idea, says Neha, that people introduced through common references are more real, have similar socio-economic background and credible information, which forms a better, stronger, and a longer connection. The GoGaga team today is six-members strong including the founding duo with the app claiming more than 40, users , of which over 30 percent were brought in through word-of-mouth.

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With its unique mix of tech and human moderation, GoGaga claims to successfully mitigate the problem of fake profiles, authenticity verification, and credentials differentiation when it comes to digital dating. On the app, users typically have two options: First, the friends of friends mode , where a user can find a match for themselves, and second is the matchmaking mode , where one can choose to be a matchmaker for their friends.

Even as the team continues to experiment and explore with this model — a free-to-use app with some freemium features — its popularity has been steadily gaining steam. The app was very well received by the students and we got our first customers as IIM Bangalore students.

From classifieds and newspaper advertisements in the early 90s to online matrimony by the end of the decade, the Indian matchmaking market has evolved by leaps and bounds with changing tastes, and it will keep changing. Keeping up with a mobile-first generation, in fact, this industry has even traced its way to Android and iOS. In this space, which is gradually getting crowded, for a new player like GoGaga, survival and scaling will boil down to sharp differentiators; whether it is the target user base or the means of monetising.

Indian dating services
Indian dating services
Indian dating services
Indian dating services
Indian dating services
Indian dating services
Indian dating services

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