How do i hook up live bait

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You can test out this motion by dropping your rig into the water and keeping it close to the boat so you can get a visualization of how it will act. Perhaps the biggest added bonus to using dead bait is being able to talk to the folks who run the bait shop. Mahi mahi are pretty opportunistic fish that will go for pretty much anything you throw at them, but like all fish they have a few things that they prefer to munch on given the chance. The best way to find mahi mahi is to look for anything at all literally anything from sargasso to a hunk of wood and everything in between that is floating around on the water.

Mottled Sculpin

Mahi mahi love to hang around stuff like this for both protection from bigger fish and for food. Popular bait fish to use include things like ballyhoo , peanut bunkers , sardines or squid.

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For an extra bit of fun, once you find a bit of structure that has mahi mahi around it, cut the engines and cast your bait to them. Getting a nice slick of chum out there will help bring the fish in and call attention to your bait. You can either chum with a traditional chum or try chunking by tossing out smaller chunks of bait with a baited hook in the middle of the pieces. Beyond setting a decent pace, focus your efforts on areas that have lots of baitfish, like drop-offs and areas where two currents meet.

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Bait fish like ballyhoo, bonita, pinfish and goggle eyes are all excellent choices when targeting wahoo. Try to offer up a nice selection of baits at different depths, say from the 25 to 40 foot range right up to the surface, to really increase your chances at success.

How it Works

Better known as a fish that fly anglers like to target , tarpon can be just as much fun to target while bait fishing. Try using herring, sardine, menhaden or anything you might have leftover from an earlier catch. Put the hook through the soft clear patch. With your circle hook, take care to roll the hook into a position so that the tip of the hook pierces and runs easily through from one side and out the other. You want the livebait to be able to swim as easily and naturally as possible.

Check your hook position, does the tip of your hook point towards your leader line?

Matching hook size to bait size is important. Check out this article to learn more: Kingfish have no teeth and will eat a live fish head first if they ate a fish tail first the top fins would jab into their throat.

Fishing Basics: Using live minnows

If you think about how fast a little fish darts around if really gives you an appreciation of how quick kingfish move, of their speed as well as their strength. John Eichelsheim gets an exciting fishing opportunity and is faced by some unwanted hurdles in the process To game fishermen, the measure of a true monster has always been and still is the weight of pounds kg.

Rigs - The Livebait Rig

Fish of this size are rar Popular Articles Saltwater fishing techniques - Using Create Profile or Log In. Rigs - The Livebait Rig There are many ways to rig a live bait. This is a great rig for John Dory and kingfish. Hayabusa review January Many keen fishermen will be familiar with the name Hayabusa, although gear carrying this brand name has been hard to come by, except in some Reel drag pros and cons January How to use slimy mackerel January

how do i hook up live bait How do i hook up live bait
how do i hook up live bait How do i hook up live bait
how do i hook up live bait How do i hook up live bait
how do i hook up live bait How do i hook up live bait
how do i hook up live bait How do i hook up live bait
how do i hook up live bait How do i hook up live bait

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