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The millennial student starter-pack of commitment-phobia and lack of communication skills means that commitment to casual sex is often too much. Thus, chaos ensues as fuckboys and fuckgirls alike search for a special someone to have sex with semi-regularly for a few months, and then eventually ignore. While you congratulate yourself on avoiding eye-contact on the bus back to main from South Campus, you may start to wonder if you will see your Prince Sort-of-Charming again.

Sextion: Five Halloween costume hookup faux pas

Well, the item of clothing that he gives you to wear home can give you a look into the future…. Any clothing with his organization, Greek letters, or any other type of affiliation on it. Or, maybe his house just had a hundred extra muscle tanks from their last philanthropy and he saw your morning departure as an opportunity to declutter his overflowing dresser drawers. I mean, clearly, if it was a Rabbit Head instead of a wolf's head she'd clearly he up for it.

(NSFW) What are your Dragoncon hookup stories? : dragoncon

By the way, your friend still single? That's a really hilarious story, and one that probably summarizes Dragon Con so beautifully. Well, it was late, and I was drunk.

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It wasnt easy, and I had a hard time getting it in. But eventually I managed to get that hdmi cable hooked up to the hotel room televison. And that kids, is how I spent Saturday night watching mst3k instead of banging your mother. Is this special for the hotel TVs? I forgot a cable last year and it was a constant source of annoyance.

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Every year we go as a band of Song Singing Pirates and if we catch people banging we have a song specifically about Fucking Sailors. A couple years back, I ran into Esmeralda when I got separated from my group. We got along pretty well, but eventually we went our separate ways. We exchanged Snapchat and I wished her and her group a good con. I found my friends and they told me to slide into her DMs.

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We end up linking up on the dance floor. Good times were had. My friends and her friends kept pressuring me to make a move. I make a soft pass at her. She does a complete and goes cold. The whole vibe was different after that, so my group and I end up hitting a panel. Must have played it wrong.

My Halloween Hookup and Sexy Costume?

Anyhow, it was Halloween night and her and I and a few other friends had decided to dress up and head out to this little rockabilly style bar in the city. I was dressed as a stripper genie…all see-thru clothing with coins that hung off my bikini top and thong and around the waist of my pants and my face mask.

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We all started drinking and it seemed after a while that she was flirting with me too, so I told her I wanted to kiss her amazing how alcohol gives you the courage. She grabbed my hand and pulled me into the tiny bathroom of the upstairs bar and slammed me against the stall and began kissing me with crazy deep and wet kisses.

I was at a Halloween party, dressed as Alice in Wonderland, and there was this guy dressed in the Scream costume. I was dressed as a librarian: I carried a dictionary around all night. He hit on me by asking me to look up the word adorable.

I told him that I was actually a queen then proceeded to storm out of the bar. He was dressed as a dinosaur, and somewhere in that blur of pot smoke he said he was still in love with me. Have any bizarre, or outrageous Halloween hookup stories of your own?

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