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They just want her to be happy. What would have happened next? What do you think Cate would have done? How should the sitcom have continued? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

There has been an 8 Simple Rules reunion and it's just perfect | Metro News

Despite the poor ratings, I really like this show, and I continue to watch the reruns. I think that Ed and Kate eventually got married. Too bad the series got cancelled and left us wondering what happened next. Gotta love those cliffhangers!

8 Simple Rules: Where Are They Now?

Did Ed accept the job as headmaster at the school in New York? I think he loved Kate and turned it down. So sad the show got cancelled. I too think they should continue at least 1 season. Cate and Ed Gibb should work things out, and Ed would give up his job and slowly move in and get a real lousy job maybe together with C. I Think they should bring it back!

Here Are The 8 Simple Rules Of 8 Simple Rules

Its a shame it lost so many viewers, but i loved it and there will always be annoyed and dedicated fans who miss it, badly. I think it should have gone on for at least another season. To leave it on a cliff hanger probably dissapointed a lot of people who were fans. But since it has been 4 years I think they should come bck and finish it up.

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Nick Carter in 8 Simple Rules of Dating my teenage daughter part 2

Do you think 8 Simple Rules was better after Paul's death? Yes, I think so.

November 27, 5: June 20, 4: February 10, 1: What do you know? I cannot speak to you, you're acting like a crazy person. I am your father and I will be treated with respect. What was the lie? You didn't tell me there weren't parents at Erin's. OK, as I recall, I said, "God, we know the rules," then rolled my eyes. It was a lie of omission.

You can't go where there aren't parents. How does this encourage open and honest communicate if I get punished every time I don't tell you something? How could you possibly be failing three subjects? Cate, are you sure you have to work at the hospital? You're going to miss the fun with Rory and me.

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Paul, I'm a nurse. I took an oath. The hospital needs me. The candy's not going to X-ray itself. Can I stay the night at Christina's? No, be home by Have a good time, Care Bear. Don't call me Care Bear, Paul. Did she just call me "Paul"? Is this about the treehouse? Why don't you girls try to be mature for just three seconds? You're gonna sleep in the tree. See ya later, Bridget. See ya, Pa - Don't call me Pa.

Please, call me Paul. You're staying in until Rory and I get home from trick-or-treating.


8 Simple Rules

Get your costume, gotta get going. Dad, I was thinking - He's gonna go for it. I was thinking, maybe I was old enough to go by myself this year. Well, yeah, I guess you are old enough this year. Well, actually, I was old enough last year, but you worked so hard on your costume. You go ahead, have a blast. You know, if you were more respectful like your little brother, - more trustworthy, perhaps - Look in his bag.

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Toilet paper, shaving cream and eggs! That's not my bag! You're an angel now, in a few years you'll be killing your father. Look at your costumes! Come here, guys, here you go. That went on the floor, let me get that. There you go, you take some. Take off the mask.

8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter s01e07 Episode Script

I told you I was being punished. So I'm spending the entire evening in my room, overlooking the trellis. I'll be going right now. I didn't do anything. I didn't leave the house, you never said Kyle couldn't come over, besides you let him in. If you'd focus that brainpower, we wouldn't have a straight spoon. I mean, you're I'm going to be a little hawkish about any boy you date. Especially one who lies to me about adults being at a party. Joey's been a senior for three years, he's 18 if he's a day.

Anyway, he's a bad influence on Rory. It's no fun egging your own backyard. Sit on this couch, right now! Everybody just sit down and listen. I've been thinking - Here we go, more punishment.

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    8 simple rules on dating my teenage daughter 8 simple rules on dating my teenage daughter
    8 simple rules on dating my teenage daughter 8 simple rules on dating my teenage daughter
    8 simple rules on dating my teenage daughter 8 simple rules on dating my teenage daughter
    8 simple rules on dating my teenage daughter 8 simple rules on dating my teenage daughter
    8 simple rules on dating my teenage daughter 8 simple rules on dating my teenage daughter

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